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    BT21 COOKY Hair Band Season 2

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    great headband!

    Super soft and comfy to wear. Fits perfectly on my head (and Shooky's) and holds up well. Definitely worth getting!

    Kiare D.
    amazing hair band

    This cooky hair band is extremely soft. It’s way softer than I expected it to be which is great, and course I love the color! I love that the hair band has cooky’s face on it as well as his name. This hair band is great for keeping your hair out of your face around the house and even when washing your face! I’m glad I bought this item, I will be using it for a long long time!

    Tiffany Long
    Exactly what I wanted

    I've airways had issues with headbands being too small or slipping off. But this one is so comfortable. I wore it once for 2 hours while having my morning coffee and it never became uncomfortable or too hot. I love this headband. I highly recommend. Plus, with Kooky on it, it's adorable! I be ordering the other characters soon. The tag was upside down but I really have no problem with that since I wear it at home anyway. 💖

    Got a defective item :(

    I was excited to receive this headband as part of my linefriends order because I’ve needing one for a while and I love Cooky. However, when I received it, I noticed that the BT21 tag was sewn on upside down (as circled in the picture below). I tried to contact the company about it but they just saw it as a “missing item problem”, even though I have made it clear that I was contacting them about the defective items. Seems like the company does not read the emails. So disappointed.

    LOVE IT!

    Very comfortable and pretty. Use it for all my skin care sessions. WILL buy more but they're sold out :'(