BT21 COOKY BABY Boucle Bubble Tea Doll Bag Charm

Ah, a sweet cup of bubble tea, our go-to refreshment that gets us through the afternoon. With that thought in mind, we made a bubble tea for a quick pick-me-up-- literally. Our "bubbles" have just the right amount of squishy, fluffy softness that'll have you wanting to keep your cup nearby. Prefer your cup without bubbles? Simply remove it and store small necessities you usually bring with you, or stuff it with candy bars instead. The zippered closure will ensure that they won't get lost. Customize your cup with keyrings and stickers, and latch it onto your favorite bag for the ultimate bag charm.

Product Description:
BT21 Baby COOKY boucle bubble tea mini plush w/ clear, zippered cup bag charm


Product Size:
4" X 4" X 6.3" 

Customer Reviews

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The cutest charm you'll ever have!

My daughter looooves her boba tea Cooky. She fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. It's really worth it buying original BT21 items, the quality is 100%. It's so soft and cuddly, the zipper opens and closes smoothly and the plastic of the milk tea "cup" is thick and of high quality. She hugs it all the time and brings it everywhere with her. It's such a cute concept-- especially that my daughter and I are milk tea lovers too. Of course, I got myself a Tata version :) Too bad, RJ was already sold out, he's my favourite BT21. But will definitely buy when it's available!

Boba Cooky is a Ball of Love

Boba cooky is home!! I had seen the little boba like babies a little bit ago and after getting my friend a Boba Chimmy, I knew I needed to have a boba baby of my own! Cooky is the cutes plushes ball of love ever! The key chain cup it comes in perfectly fit in my hand (the key chain is made of a great material by the way, very sturdy). The cup has a soft plush material at the top and the cup itself is made of a very soft, pliable, and clear plastic.
Cooky himself is super soft and perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. He’s super cute and I’m so glad he’s home! He’ll be joining the rest of my BT21 babies and will help decorate my shelves!

The cutest keychain!

I am in LOVE with this super cute Cooky keychain! I love bubble tea and BT21 so I HAD to get this! The plushie is quite large and fits on the palm of my hand. It’s soft, fluffy, and I like how it can be removed from the cup keychain. The cup itself is pretty high quality and the zipper zips and unzips smoothly. I cannot wait to decorate and customize my cup! The keychain is pretty big, as seen in the pictures, so I might just use this as a desk decoration. I love this one so much that I want to buy the other characters now!

Very Soft & Cute

Ordered BT21 Baby Cooky Bubble Tea for my daughter for Christmas and she fell in love with it and wants to order more with BT21 characters. The doll is so cute and soft and the zipper pouch is so cool. We love your product and look forward to ordering again in the very near future. ALL of your items are adorable, so I can't resist on ordering more for birthday gifts. Thank You for the cuteness. Sincerely, Judy Birch

Super cute, great quality!

Great quality, super cute. Our daughter loved it so much!