BT21 COOKY Bite Ppogeul Tablet Sleeve 10"

A miniature version of the Bite ppogeul laptop sleeve with all the same specifications, made for your tablet.

Product Description:
BT21 COOKY Bite ppogeul boucle padded tablet sleeve


Product Size:
12.5" X 10.1" X 1.2"

Customer Reviews

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I really like this tablet sleeve, It is the perfect size. It is so cute!

A one of a kind tablet sleeve!!

This tablet sleeve is the cutest sleeve ever. I have an iPad that I've been using for almost a few years now, but have never purchased a pouch to put it in. I never thought I'd ever find a use for it since I already have a hardcover shell case on my iPad. However, I on a whim, bought this Cooky iPad sleeve and it was the cutest Line Friends decision I have made! My 2017 iPad Pro 10.5" fits perfectly with its case on (holds the apple pencil inside) and there is still leftover wiggle room in the pouch. So, if you're worried about a device of that size fitting then no need to! Also, the pouch's stitching on the front is high quality and true to the picture. The inside is soft so it won't scratch your device/case! It came packaged safely in the box. I now use the pouch everyday for my iPad and think it'll be especially useful for travel!


This tablet pouch was purchased for a friend of mine because she adores Cooky as much as I do. Since I already have the cable pouch to a similar design I decided to purchase this for her and purchased the RJ tablet pouch for myself. I absolutely love the quality of this pouch and how protective it is! It's super soft and cushiony and even if you dropped your tablet it won't be broken because of how thick the pouch is. It fits my 10.2 inches (7th generation iPad just right) I definitely recommend this and if you get a chance, please purchase one for yourself. The item was nicely sealed with plastic and packaged very well. I WOULD definitely repurchase this product again.

I have attached a video of my big BT21 haul:


It’s sooooo pretty🥺. Wen I bought this i was a bit scared because it says that it’s 10” and my iPad is 10.5. I’m glad I risked it. The iPad (with the cover and pen) fits perfectly and there’s still space left. You can fit the charger or a wallet.

Tablet or netbook or miscellaneous case💜

I bought this case because I didn't have anything from the BT21 Bite Collection and if I am going to get something I usually get Cooky or TaTa or both💜
I checked the dimensions of the case before I bought it to make sure my tablet will fit. When I got it my tablet fit and had enough space inside to put in the charger and pen tool along with it.
I was surprised to see that it actually fit my netbook as well!
The case is SUPER soft on the inside that Shooky snuck in there when I was taking pictures. LOL

If you are a BT21 lover
a member of the BTS ARMY
Jungkook is your bias
you like cute, useful things,
I recommend you buy this!