BT21 COOKY BABY Neton Plush (L)

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    SO CUTE Cooky! 🥰💖

    Cooky is so adorable! 💕 I’m so happy to have my cute and sweet Cooky bun! 🥰💖 He is the perfect gift in celebration of my first year being ARMY and I bought him on Festa 💜 He is so soft like chenille and cuddly! I love him so so much! 💖 his peaceful expression is so sweet ✨ He is so comforting to hold while studying during the day and sleeping at night, even for short day naps ✨ I love hugging him 💖 I love Cooky because he is so cute and also because he reminds me of Jungkook 💖 I love Jungkook with all my heart ❤️ my next purchase from Line Friends will def be Cooky’s outfits- too cute! 💜✨

    So cute and big!

    I love my Cooky plush so much! I was so surprised by how big he was when the package arrived. He is very large and perfect for cuddling and hugging. He is a great size to hold while napping and is very soft. I love how his face is so calm and relaxed, which makes him a perfect fit to sleep on my bed. I can't wait to add more of these Neton plushes to my collection. P.S. The clothes that are made to fit the Large Tatton Plush also fit the Large Neton Plush. He is so fun to dress up for day and night!

    Love this!

    Cooky is so soft and perfectly sized. I bought four in the collection and now I need to get the rest.

    Soft and cuddles

    This Cooky is large and soft. Perfect for cuddling with and it stands on its own.

    Charity Jones
    This Large Cooky Plush is so soft and CUTE!!!

    Yass!! I finally got a large cooky plush before it sold out. I love it, the plush is so cute and bigger than what I imagined. I got to also get Shooky's large plush as well and the side by side comparison is so cute. Cooky is so fluffy and soft and I hope to get more in the future. Very huggable. Took a few days to a week to deliver but it was worth the wait.