BT21 CHIMMY Sweet A5 Spring Notebook

Material: Paper

Product Weight (lb): 0.6

Package Weight (lb): 0.6

Product or Package Size (inch): 8.3 X 6.2

Customer Reviews

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This Chimmy Notebook Is a Must Have!

I love thé quality of this notebook! The cover is very sturdy and protects the inside and the papers in the notebook are of great quality. My pens and markers don’t bleed through the papier so I think that’s great! The design of this book is so adorable and creative as well, the cheese around Chimmy is so cute and the inside has a Chimmy character at the bottom of each page of the notebook. It’s great for school or writing down whatever you need on a day to day basis. Chimmy is also very cute in the cover, I love how his tongue is poking out >< If you need a notebook for whatever reason I would say to purchase this one, Line Friends does not disappoint when it comes to their products!

Great cover

I like how sturdy the covers are, as it's designed to keep the notebook super protected, and I like the cute design on the very end. I may have to use for one of my subjects this term.

Love the brightness!

Paper material is good, Love the bright color, good size to carry by my little one. She was really excited and happy when she got it, just right time before online classes starts. Awesome you guys!!

cute and useful

i love journaling. i keep a daily journal so i go through a lot of notebooks. the bt21 sweet series journals are perfect. they aren't really hardcover but the covers are a sturdy cardboard which is holding up well through daily use. they journals have 60pages and the pages are lined with a small printed character on the bottom corner of the page. i like the small character because it adds a bit of decoration but still leaves plenty of room for writing and my own decorations -- washi, photos, mementos, etc. the paper is durable and has held up well with my different types of pens. whilst i cannot speak of how the paper would handle things like highlighters, ink pads/stamps, or markers (as i don't use them) i still think it would be fine as the paper is quite sturdy. i've been very happy with line friends and bt21 products across the board as everything that i have purchased has been very high quality and these journals are no exception <3


This notebook was very cute. I didn't expect the texture of the front cover. It was better than I thought it would be. When I first saw the pages they look really cute, and they are also very durable. In conclusion everything about the notebook was really cute and amazing.