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    BT21 CHIMMY Coin Bank

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    Why get a piggy bank when you can have a Chimmy Bank?

    I am so glad I bought this. This little guy is seriously adorable. I needed a place to stash all my spare change and this Chimmy Bank provides such a valuable function when I empty out the coins from my pockets each night. He sits on my dresser looking super cute all day, just waiting for some coins to fill his belly. All the coins slide in smoothly and the panel on the bottom is super easy to open and close. I am so glad I bought two. This will make a perfect gift for my Niece who is at an age where she is learning the fundamentals about saving money. A super cute way to help any child learn to save their pennies.

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    Giorgia Saab

    The cutest thing I’ve seen. This Chimmy coin bank is not only adorable, but super useful. I always had coins in my wallet and hated it as they would always fall out and would take up too much space. This Chimmy coin bank has solved that problem and even makes me want to collect coins just so I can use it. The hole is a perfect size allowing the coins to easily go in and with the opener at the bottom, easy to take out. The quality is amazing and overall looks exactly as I had expected it to. Originally I had only planned on getting one, but now I definitely want to collect them all. Not only does it serve its use, it also looks adorable!

    Alasia McNeely
    so cute 🥰

    I absolutely love this coin bank I always wanted bt21 merch but I could never find an official website and on weverse it’s limited to the amount of stuff they have. I ordered on Christmas and it came around the 9th it was delayed because of Christmas but I’m fine with that still arrived in perfect timing. It’s bigger than I expected to be and I was like yay. It holds a lot. The packaging is so cute with the tape. I definitely recommend you buy this dont hesitate, I think it’s the perfect price also even though I got mines on sell. I love line friends, fast shipping, reasonable prices, and they also give you tracking information. It’s well made and durable, you can also open the bottom to put dollars in or take money out. The slot to put coins in is a reasonable size. It’s perfect

    Chimmy Coin Bank

    It a perfect size, not too big and not too small. It arrived on time. I highly recommend. It’s worth it, I recommend.

    Coin bank

    Just bought this cute chimmy coin bank. It’s easy to open. Wish it was a little bigger but it was good deal.