BT21 CHIMMY Mini Figure Keyring

The details on this keyring series makes it worth collecting them all. You can find each of our friends striking a different pose. 

Product Description:
BT21 CHIMMY mini figurine keyring

PVC, Metal

Product Size:
2.4" X 1.8" X 1" 

Customer Reviews

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Really cute, i love it 🥰

The cutest!

This was the first thing that caught my eyes when I shopped the recent Valentine's themed sale. It looks exactly like how it is online, except that Chimmy was larger than I expected. I didn't expect the product size listed would be the figurine itself, since 2.4 inches seemed large for a figurine labeled "mini." I'm not complaining tho because Chimmy is SO CUTE. The accent lollipop is the cherry on top to its cuteness. I loved all the keychains in this line, but I had to get Chimmy because Jimin's my bias hehe :)

I love how it comes in two ways to hang it: the caribiner and the keyring. The packaging is also very thoughtful; they could've just thrown Chimmy into a plastic baggie and be done with it, but they molded the plastic around Chimmy and rest of the keychain so that each aspect of the keychain is displayed clearly and nicely. I wish I could have all the characters in this line of keychains, and I think even if you kept it in the packaging, it would be pretty to display on your desk or shelf :) Very happy with my purchase! Just looking at Chimmy makes me feel happy!

Great size keyring!!!

This keyring is a great size and weight! I was worried if I added this to my car keys that it would be too heavy, but it is not at all! It is light weight but sturdy. It is like a plastic-ish material and painted nicely. It is the size of a regular car key-fob. The packaging was really good but should be careful when taking it out because the packaging is very firm, so you don’t want to break the figure in the process of taking it out. If you don’t want to hang this with your keys in case it gets dirty, you can also let this hang from your rare view mirror in your car (assuming you’re of age to drive!!) or you can put it on your desk for decoration or as a bag charm! This is a very nicely made keyring so you can multipurpose it!

Chummy Keychain

It’s so cute!!! I love it!! Good size for a keychain.

So Cute!

I received one of these for my birthday and I love it! The colors and size are nice, and I have it on my keychain every where I go. Great purchase!