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    BT21 CHIMMY Jelly Candy Mini Doll

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    ollie n.
    squishy and adorable chimmy ✨

    i love my gummy chimmy! they arrived yesterday and i love them so much. chimmy’s so squishy and soft, and their face is everything! even the packaging they came in was adorable! i almost didn’t want to take them out of the bag cause it was a whole vibe. 😍 my soft little fella is the perfect accessory for my room and i’m definitely gonna buy the other characters in the future. even the shipping was pretty good as well. i received my order within a littler over a week of ordering! overall, i love my chimmy with my life and they’re perfect!!! 💖🤩

    Happy Baby Chimmy

    I bought all the characters in the Jelly Candy Mini Doll series, and there were some common trends between them. Unsurprisingly, they all shared a similar size (a little taller than a photo card), and came in a bubble mailer. They are also capable of sitting on their own, depending on how their tags bend (or the tags can be cut off). Some unique similarities are that they smell like new books or albums, they have resealable packaging, and that their heads are firmer than their bodies. The heads likely have more stuffing, but, overall, the plushies are soft and well-stuffed. There's not really any resistance when squishing them, and they bounce back to their original shape nicely.
    The Chimmy I received has soft fabric that's nice to pet. The stomach is very slightly matted down(?), but is still soft. The main difference between it and the rest of the plushie is that there's more resistance when stroking it the opposite way the fabric falls. It's hardly a problem at all, but it's something to note. Chimmy's ears (which aren't stuffed) are sewn flat onto his head, but the ends are only held on by small pieces of thread. The threads can be cut, if one wants Chimmy to have floppy ears. Speaking of threads, all the important stitching was done well.
    Chimmy's chubby, smiling face is going to be a treat to see every day.

    Very squishy

    A nice looking fella, very adorable, very tiny, and very squishy.