BT21 CHIMMY Doll Sleeping Masks

Your eyes need a break too. The thick and cushiony fabric is gentle on your face and blocks out the light for when you need a quick shuteye. The soft texture will make you feel like you're relaxing at a spa. 

Product Description:
BT21 CHIMMY face and body plush sleeping mask


Product Size:
10.3" X 7.1" X 1.6" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chimmy sleeping mask

So soft my son took it away fr me so loveable.

Best little sleep 😴 💕

This sleep mask is so soft!! Oh my goodness. Little Chimmy is so plushy and comfortable. It is like a little puppy is sleeping on your face which is just so wonderful. I love it! Also, it doesn’t make you sweaty or hot. I was worried it might because of the super soft material but no. So yay! Just comfortable and adorable. Nor does it feel tight around my head. It was actually a gift and I thought it may be too tight for them but no. It fits great! Most importantly it blocks out the sun when you just don’t want to get up yet. I’d recommend this sleep mask to everyone. It blocks light out so well. It feels so wonderful. Plus it is so cute!!

Chimmy chim chim

This sleep mask is wonderful! It’s not hot at all to wear and is very soft and comfortable. Delivery was quick and the packaging was nice. It blocks out light-I have no trouble sleeping when my roommate still has the light on. The stretchy band allows for all head sizes! Both my sister and I fit the mask and find it comfortable, even though we have different head sizes.

So soft and cuddly!

I love this sleep mask! I have trouble sleeping usually but this helps a great deal! It’s soft and not uncomfortable. I loved using so much. And i love chimmy a lot!