BT21 CHIMMY BABY MLB Buddy Mascot Keychain

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    Been wanting to buy these for a long time

    I've been wanting to buy these for a while! I'm so happy they went on sale.
    I been wanting a small keychain for my bag, the normal keychain plush are actually pretty big. (See photo for comparison) So I like that these are much smaller.
    The minini designs are so cute! and the elastic band on the back lets you attach it to other medium to small size plushes. It even works on plush minini (see cooky holding cooky)
    The elastic band are pretty small, so it may not work with bigger plushes, but they're cute nonetheless.
    The only downside is that the hanger is not removable, but it's not a really big deal since it's a nice purple, and gives you the option to hang it instead.


    (See my Shooky review for more info & pics.)

    So quishy (even in the package) & the yellow color is so clean & bright I was almost afraid to touch him. Washed my hands (twice), just in case, and just like the Shooky version, Chimmy was so, so soft. (I didn't run him across my cheek; my makeup didn't appear to transfer to Shooks, but I'm not sure the same coughs be said with Chim being a lighter color.)

    Originally attached him on same strap D-ring as his partner in crime, but will have to find a different way to show him off since the string seems to have pulled out. So, RJ can carry him until I figure out how to get it poked back into his head. (I'm going to put the fault on me - not to affect review score - since this is the first time something like that has happened.)

    Again, 10/10 Would Buy Again. (Especially if earring suggestion actually happens!)

    Julieanne morales
    Super adorable

    I bought one for my me and my mom
    I don’t want to get it dirty so it’s just on display in my room instead of my keys

    Alyssa Serrano

    This Chimmy keychain is such a cute accessory for my bag, I can take it wherever!!! I’ve gotten a few compliments already. The design is unique, which I love so much.