BT21 CHIMMY Universe Standing Doll Set

Wander all over the neighborhood and join the fun with CHIMMY and his friends, a lively bunch of happy puppies.
Featuring CHIEF, CHIMMY's audacious acquaintance, and the rest of CHIMMY's playful buddies.

Product Description:
BT21 CHIMMY Universe Standing Doll Set with mini CHIMMY, CHIEF, and their pals


Product Size:
One Size

Customer Reviews

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Jearmilyn Lu

I love it !


I got Chimmy, Chief and the puppy pals during the Valentine’s Day sale!! My heart was so broken when they were sold out at hot topic but now they are finally mine. I did my best to rally up my Chimmys and plant them in here it is so nice to see them amongst other chimmys never alone. I have already taken the liberty of temporarily naming them for the time being. The one with the tooth is chomp. The one with his eyes close is Cheech, The all brown is chip and the red one is cherry. I am so very happy I must confess I do have the chimmy plush hair tie long version on the way to add to the plushies but these are perfectly plump softer than most I hope you can notice size scale with photo as they are hand cup size very pleasant.

Chimmy, Chief and Friends!!

This Chimmy and friends collection is a MUST for all Chimmy and BT21 lovers!! This set is adorable and the perfect size to decorate your desk with! They are mini sized and just about the height of a bath and body works 3-wick candle, a couple of the characters are taller with their ears. They have a soft material like the hug-me cushions (also highly recommend) similar to squishmellow material but are very firm in the stuffing. The box that it comes in is very cute and has Chimmy written on the background of the box which is perfect for displaying. You can take out the background and use it to display your Chimmy and friends or just keep it in the box for display. I think the BT21 Universe has only introduced Chimmy and Chief but not the kiddos (the 4 other dolls included here), so I’m looking forward to learning their names and stories!! If you haven’t learned about Chimmy and Chief’s stories I recommend looking it up on BT21’s YouTube channel!! Warning: you may shed a tear or two, but they’re still very cute and interesting :)

McKenna Reznor
so so cute

i love this set so much!! they’re small and so cute, i love that they’re a family! each member of chimmys family is so unique, but extremely cute nonetheless :)


Have been wanting these ever since they came out. So glad to get them before they sell out! They are SO adorable. Love Chimmy, Chief, and all his friends. The box and inner display packaging are great decorations too. So happy with the quality & the size is great to display on a shelf. Just got the RJ family set so they can all be together! Love their faces & material is super soft. YAY!