BT21 CHIMMY Flower Eco Bag Ivory

Whether you're going to the park or the bookstore, this causal tote bag is sure to make your day bloom.

Product Description:
BT21 FLOWER series canvas tote bag with graphic flower print


Product Size:
13.8" X 14.6" X 0

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
cutest tote bag!

yay! i'm so happy i finally have my chimmy tote!! its perfect in every way! it's always good to carry reusable bags around, so why not carry one with this super cute photo of chimmy on it?!! i'm so excited to use it! the quality of the bag is great, it even has an extra pocket on the inside which i love, and it fits my cooky mini pouch perfectly! it arrived in perfect condition and packed up very nicely. this bag definitely has me considering buying all of the BT21 eco bags there are! if you're a collector of reusable totes and eco bags, definitely get this one!

Lovely bag!

This bag is perfect. It’s a good size, and it’s especially good for carrying things like textbooks. You can’t carry too many, as with every bag, but it does fit a few comfortably. I was able to fit a tablet and a laptop into it with no problem.

The design was well done and the colors popped beautifully. I’d definitely buy another one!

Perfect size and good quality :)

I purchased this with the intent of giving it to a close friend as a holiday gift. The package came sooner than I expected, and the bag is larger than I imagined! I haven't opened the package as I plan on gifting it, but even through the plastic you can see that the bag's material is of good quality and Chimmy's design is adorable and doesn't look like it'll come off easily. Upon further examination, the straps' stitching appears strong and the the bag looks like it'll be able to hold multiple books with no problem. I'm super excited to gift it and would highly recommend the product for anyone :).

Jannatul Sachi
cute and versatile

i got this tote because i was in need of a canvas bag that i could use for all purposes and on the daily. the 70s style bt21 collection made intrigued me more and i really wanted to use this opportunity to get a cute tote bag with my favorite bt21 character on it! it's so so cute and versatile and can be styled with any outfit or used on the daily with casual outfits. the pocket inside is really helpful to keep important things such as your phone or wallet while the bigger compartment is helpful for books or your laptop or other technological devices. overall, i really recommend this tote because it's cute, stylish, is a good size, the straps are a good length, and the colors are vibrant and cheerful. the tote brings joy to use for any occasion on any day. please get it if you like the 70s style and want to have a bt21 memorabilia from the 70s collection :)


This bag looks even better in person. It is so well made. The design is so cute! The size of the bag is perfect for school and shopping. A lot can be stuffed into this. It feels sturdy. Thank you for offering quality made items!