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    BT21 CHIMMY BABY Gel Pen

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    Little alpaca
    My favorite pen! Cute with quality!

    I love this pen! The pen has a semi-matte feel so it’s comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver. It writes smoothly, the ink is vibrant and it does smudge but not so bad. See photo for reference where I brutally smudge the ink. Lol. I even got compliments from people who don’t even know BTS or BT21. The pen is that good!

    Cassandra Guerrero
    Best Pen Ever!

    Super cute and very smooth when writing. Everyone who saw me use it at work was jealous!

    Maegan E.
    Writing with Chimmy

    I'm a very picky person when it comes to pens, and I got to say, this gel pen is definitely one of my favorites. It has a very soft feel to the hand and has a consistent, dark ink flow that I really love. The chimmy at the top of the pen adds a little bit of weight to the pen, but is still super cute!

    Sydney Nemetz
    so cute, one of my favorite pens

    I only got the Chimmy pen, but to be honest I may need to purchase them all because I love it so much!! The Chimmy character at the top of the pen is so cute, I love his little cheekies. The pen itself is also super nice, the ink writes smoothly. Even if it wasn’t a Chimmy pen, I would probably still love it because of how well it writes. The end also screws off, so when the ink runs out, I can just replace it. This is a perfect purchase for doing homework, writing a letter, scribbling down stories, or just to display on your desk<3

    Luisa Chávez
    so so cute

    these two are my favorite pens from now on, i've bought other BT21 pens but these are by far the cutest. the quality is REALLY good and also the characters on top are bigger than i expected them to be, which is a nice surprise <3