BT21 CHARACTERS Music Card Holder

This mini pouch is made with water-resistant fabric, coated tyvek, to help you keep things like coupons, cards, and business cards safe and clean. 

Product Description:
BT21 Characters music pattern card case in black


Product Size:
7.5" X 6" X 0.3"


Customer Reviews

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I am delighted with this product

I recommend this card holder. You can use it wherever you go, my cards are very safe in this holder because I can hold it on my neck.
Besides being very usable, it is very beautiful, every detail makes it unique.
I am so glad I bought this product, I recommend it 100%.

love it so much

i use it everyday for my cards and cash !! it's very perfect for me because i don't prefer a bulky wallet nowadays (perfect for my fanny pack). this card case doesn't have any pockets inside so you can put as much cards as you want. i also love the quality of the zipper !! i love this product so much and i like how minimal this design is <3

BT21 Card Holder

This card holder is one of my favorite purchases from line friends. The box arrived with no dents or punctures. I would 100% recommend purchasing this card holder. The material is smooth with a little bit of texture, the colors are very vibrant and they are also aesthetically pleasing. This card holder is very convenient for those who wear lanyards such as for school or work. Furthermore, you can attach it to your key ring due to it being so light weight. The adjusters located on the end of the neck strap are very good quality and they have a little weight to them. If you are not fond of the neck strap then you can fit the card holder into your back pocket. Also if you carry a purse and do not like chunky wallets then you can fit the card holder into your purse. This item is very convenient for those who attend parties or concerts. It will go nowhere if you are wearing it with the neck strap and if it suddenly moves then you will definitely feel it. The material of the neck strap is similar to that of parachute cord so please be wary of wearing it for long periods of time because it may irritate the skin of rubbing occurs. To clean the card holder I recommend using a damp cloth to gently wipe it down rather than trying to actually wash it. You can fit quite a few things into the card holder such as cash, cards, chapstick/lipstick or lip gloss and more items if you do not mind the holder not laying completely flat. Over time the color of it will fade but you can slow down that process by not letting it rub on other materials and by keeping it out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Once again I would like to say that I recommend this product a lot. I think it is a wonderful item to buy.

So cute!!

This is so cute and it came earlier than expected! The quality is great too! I seriously love all their stuff uwu