BT21 Reusable Tumbler (400ml/13.5 fl.oz) Purple

Carry cold or hot drinks with ease. This cup contains bamboo fibers that make it lightweight and durable, boasting an exceptional portability.   

Please note: This product is not microwave safe. Please avoid using this product in the microwave and avoid direct contact with open flames.  

Product Description:
BT21 reusable tumbler with silicone lid & cup sleeve (400ml/13.5 fl.oz)

Melamine, silicone

Product Size:
3.6" X 5.8" X 3.6" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect cup

This cup is perfect, it has the perfect balance between style, size and price, it is a perfect combination for a cup that brings together all the features. It is very practical to drink hot or cold drinks for those mornings where we have to leave quickly. Has an anti-spill cap. I llove the colors in it!

Super Cute!

If you're a huge BT21 fan, this is an absolute must-have in your cupboards! It's 400 ml as stated, which is approximately 13.5 oz, so if you're looking for a small amount of coffee/tea/beverage of choice to drink, this cup will do the trick. The material is very nice and sturdy enough. Love it and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the color purple/lavender, BT21, and pastels.

Cutest Cup

I was excited when I got this couldn't wait to use it LOL. The cup is comfortable to grip while drinking. It's easy to clean even smaller piece on top of the lid. I've only used this for hot tea so far and holding on to the cup sleeve makes it easier to hold even if your beverage is hot. I noticed that when putting the lid on the cup you just need to make sure it's secure on properly. I did love how it gave you directions on how to wash it properly since its make from a different material. Regardless I love my purchase can't wait to keep using it!

Cute but flimsy

These were super adorable, but that’s really all to it. My coffee spilled from it a lot. The cap is rather loose.