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    BT21 TATA BABY Microfiber Hair Band

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    A must for doing skin care!

    The headband is super cute and is so great for when I do my morning and nightly skin care! My hair always got wet even if I used just a plain old headband and would make my hair look oily after but this headband doesn't do that at all!

    chelssea calderon
    The Amazing Tata Accessory = T.A.T.A. ❤️

    I been having a problem and idk if you can relate, but I hate it when my hair gets wet while I’m doing my face routine. Then came along the tata headband and I can’t imagine a day without it. It’s so comfy I forget it’s on sometimes. I also got chimmy headband for my friend’s birthday this month, we April babies 🥰. She has no idea so nobody tell her 🤫. If I had the moola i’d buy more, such a great way to spice up things.

    Giselle Pineda
    Head over “Tata” for this headband

    When their end of season sale came around I decided to invest in their headbands. I got Tata for myself, Koya for my older sister, and Chimmy for my little sister (those are our favorite characters). Needless to say we loved them! All of them are super cute but being Tata biased I think this one is especially adorable! Baby tata is perfectly showcased in the front. Due to the microfiber material it is very soft and comfortable to wear. The attention to detail is great because as you observe it up close the cheeks and lips are a soft felt material! It’s perfect for beauty routines or for simply lounging around. Either way you’ll look
    귀엽다 aka cute! When it says one size fits all, it is indeed true because my sisters and I range from 8-23 years old and they all fit us.
    As always Line Friends delivered it on time despite the delays caused by the snow storms and the pandemic. The packaging was in great conditions. Everything that they deliver is high quality! They make sure that your package isn’t dented or damaged in any sort of way/form. An added bonus is that the outside of their packages feature their characters. Therefore they are functional and cute, which makes receiving them highly satisfying!

    Attached are up close photos of how they look!


    I had been wanting to get these headbands for a while now and finally got them! I was skeptical when looking into buying headbands because I've had bad experiences in the past with other types of headbands giving me headaches and breaking my hair. I was very surprised when I received this in the mail! The material is relatively thick and very soft! The back is also cinched to help it stay on your head and keep all your hair back. I recommend this product and plan to buy more bt21 headbands in the future!


    Honestly I was worried this might not fit my big head but it does! Lol. The material is towel-like but soft, the kind that doesn’t break off your hair. It’s also very stretchy and baby tata’s lil face is just adorable. I always have trouble keeping my bangs out of the way so this’ll be very useful. Happy with this purchase!