BT21 RJ BABY Boucle Lap Blanket

This season, our friends are here to wrap you up in some much welcomed warmth. Feeling a little chilly? Throw this blanket over your shoulders or your lap for a quick fix. For an extra touch of coziness to your space, drape it across your bed or sofa. Made with microfiber and boucle fabric for a fluffy soft texture we're all a fan of. 

Product Description: 
BT21 Baby RJ boucle lap blanket 


Product Size: 
24.9" X 35.9" X 0.1"

Customer Reviews

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so cute! but keep in mind it’s pretty small.


This Baby RJ blanket is both human and pet approved, as you can see from how cuddled up my cat is! I am using it over my lap even as I write this review. It is a lovely addition to my continuously growing RJ collection! It is softer than I expected (and I already expected it to be SUPER soft given my experience with all the BT21 items I have bought in the past.) The overall quality is great and the plushness of this blanket is an absolute DREAM. Also, who can resist such a cute face? It goes so well with all my other baby RJ and baby BT21 items. I love laying it on my lap as I work on my laptop or just displaying it on my bed. I would definitely consider buying another blanket of a different character!

Soft and cute

I love the BT21 baby boucle collection so when I bought the Rj baby boucle plush I knew I had to get the Rj baby boucle blanket. The blanket is so soft and cute. I love how the plush and blanket match and compliment each other.The blanket is the perfect size to lay over you lap when sitting up and the perfect decor to add to your bed to make it less boring. The quality is amazing and in my opinion totally worth the price. I had a hard time choosing between buying the Rj and Chimmy blanket so I bought both and I’m glad I did they are very universal and can be used in many different ways.