BT21 MANG BABY Microfiber Hair Band

Whether you're having an at-home spa day or keeping up with your daily cleansing routine, this stretchy headband will keep your hair from getting wet and out of your face. Made of microfiber terrycloth used in towels, it's absorbent, soft, and easy to wash. 

Product Description:
BT21 Baby MANG microfiber hair band with wide, elasticized straps

80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

Product Size:
9.1" X 3.2" X 0.4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
em v
Comfortable and cute

I love anything mang and I needed a hairband for when I do my skincare ✨ so I got this and I like it soooo much! Its tight but not too tight just tight enough to push your hair back and its super soft. Definitely recommend!

Teresa Ludwick
Mangs Big Fan

I love this Item. it's perfect when for when I want to treat myself to a home spa day

Johanna Herrera
A dream

It's much worth it!! It's the cutest thing. I consider that I have a big head (lol) ;') and it's super comfy. I got Mang's and Tata's, love that they are restocking again in the US plus it's not that expensive. love it so much. I'm slowly collecting them all. Also I got makeup in one and it was super easy to take off, just detergent and warm water. (high cover foundation and All night setting spray)

Love it!!

This is so worth it!! It’s so cute and useful when I do my skincare routine. Mang brings a smile to my face and brightens my day just like sunshine hobi!! The headband isn’t too tight but it stays in place nicely through my multi step routine and does a really good job at keeping my hair out of my face. I’m so happy I bought this because it brings me so much joy and is so practical in my daily life!

I love my new hairband!!!

I was in need of a new hairband, and I love my new baby Mang hairband! The material is nice and soft. My favorite part is the nose which is a different material (see picture). The blue and pink is beautiful! I bought two for me and a friend to match. The quality is consistent!