BT21 KOYA BABY Hug Me Cushion

Our squad is here to give you a comforting little hug to remind you that they'll always be proud of you for making it through your day. Filled with more fluff for that extra puff.  

Product Description:
BT21 Baby KOYA Hug Me plush cushion


Product Size:
14.6" X 13.8" X 4.7"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Koya is bigger than I expected. The material is so soft! So glad I made this purchase.

Hurt little koya

Koya arrived a little damaged. He was as soft as ever but his baby curl on top of his head was falling off due to a broken stitch. I’m hoping it can be repaired pretty easily. But other than that he’s perfectly adorable and squishy!


When my baby Koya came to my door I was so exited I was really busy doing something so I said I was going to wait until I finish to open it but when I keep thinking some of the reviews I had read from It said that it was very soft and huggable so I could not hold it in longer so I went to open it and when I saw it I fell In love It was like love at first sight it was the most cutest with its little thing on its head and it's big ears and when I first hugged it I couldn't stop hugging it because it is super soft. At night I went to sleep with it and it was so comfortable that I even fell asleep right away.Since I have bought my Koya my little siblings have been wanting so have it.I sometimes let them borrow it and the smile in their faces it everything to me. I have expected the Koya to be smaller than what it actually is I was surprised when I saw how big it was I thank Line and Friends for having the best plushies in the world and if I ever have more money I will buy more plushies because they are the cutest in the entire Universe 🐨🐨😍😍😍

Love it

The cushion is so very soft and quite huggable. Perfect size for hugs lol.


This plushy is so soft.I slept with it and I slept very comfortable.My mom even like it and my brother wanted to still it from me🥺🥺I’m definitely going to order more plushies.Thanks Line Friends for making this good quality.Also Koya is so cute🥺🥺 and his ears are so cute too,EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE😊😊😊