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    BT21 Flower Picnic Mat Yellow

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    More than a Spring Day Mat

    First, who doesn't love seeing all the BTS line friends in one product? It is adorable and the vibrant colors call you to have fun! Its material is great because it is easy to clean. It is also easy to put away and can fit in your purse.
    You can also use it indoors. For instance, if you have little ones, who can get messy, when they're eating or doing an activity (like painting). Or maybe you're painting or doing a BTS craft project, and want easy clean-up. So useful and functional!

    Perfect for the Summer!!

    This is one of the cutest collections they’ve released for BT21! I love this picnic mat since I go to the park often with my family and friends. It’s super cute and portable with the little pouch it comes with. Easy to clean after each use!! I totally recommend this to anyone looking for a cute picnic mat!!


    As soon as I saw the release, I knew I had to get this!! And I am very pleased I did because this picnic mat is utterly adorable!!

    First, the material is polyester and it works amazingly well for outdoors! For example, if one were to have a picnic date with one's crush and one accidentally spilled fruit juice everywhere, one could very simply wipe it clean and continue one's conversation with one's crush without embarrassment. Or of course, use it in any setting for a cute picnic! Whether the ground is dewy grass, moist dirt, or wet sand, one can have a lovely picnic without one's bottom getting wet too. This mat is lightweight and thin, but durable and good quality. And the cover pouch is also very convenient and cute, making the mat tidy and compact!

    Personally, the size is just right. I would say it can fit 2 adults, 3 kids, or just one person with a bunch of snacks and a cat:)

    And of course, the print is utterly adorable!! The flowers are such a sweet detail and the yellow isn't a bright neon, it is bright yet calm, much like a picnic on a spring day afternoon. And because of that, it gives such a lovely and vivid vibe for a picnic! For me, it boosts my mood!

    In conclusion, I definitely recommend this extremely cute and delightful picnic mat! My cat approves too!!


    Love the size and the material is perfect for outdoors. Easy to wipe off and easy to store. Very compact when it’s in its little bag! Love love 💕

    perfect size

    the bag and the “blanket/mat” are super cute! the material makes it easy to clean and the bag is small enough to travel with. i really love the design ;)