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    BT21 KOYA Universe Standing Doll Set

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Lourdes Polidano
    SO CUTE 🥺

    I love them so much! 🥺 thank you very much for this little families of bt21 💜

    Yuki Kim
    Adorable and Perfect

    I have been wanting to get this for awhile now! My excitement couldn't explain how happy I am to get it to add to my collections for Koyas.I am soo satisfied with this! Thank you!!

    Christelle Carrier
    Adorable and high quality

    I was extremely excited to receive this set! The attention to details and overall quality is very good. I decided to display the set in its original box. That's how precious this is ☺🐨🐥 Thanks!

    Taylor Bennett
    Cute Koya

    I ordered most of the doll sets for this series and all of them came in good condition. The Koya one is super cute, and the package was not ruined. It also was delivered super fast once it said it got shipped. I also got a good discount for buying the actual site. Overall I am happy with the products and the way they were delivered. Also every doll set is really cute and I do not want to open the boxes. I would recommend buying straight from the actual source since they were delivered with better quality than some of the other Line Friends merchandise I have bought else where.
    The Koya set is super cute also.. especially the little seaweed looking dudes.

    They're perfect!

    Another successful and positive experience with Line Friends! The second these little friends were announced I just knew I had to buy right away!! They are absolutely worth every penny. Purchasing was quick and easy, and they shipped this super fast. The box arrived in perfect condition and this item was very well packaged. These friends are so very cute, I almost don’t want to take them out of their box to ruin their perfect condition, but I know that won’t last long. If you are considering, I would highly recommend purchasing this Koya Universe set, this is worth everything and more!