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    BT21 RJ The Green Planet Bag Charm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    This is the most adorable RJ ever! The most adorable thing yet is how the little fire backpack lights up. Best purchase ever. He’s so soft and it’s just cuteness overload. I want to take him everywhere with me.

    RJ plushy

    Best thing I have ever bought in my life! I absolutely LOVE it! I wanted to add something to my JEEP and this was it! It’s so perfect because it’s nature related! he is holding a little marshmallow on a stick! And his backpack lights up! I am so happy! By the way it is also super soft! ; also I have a Brown round pillow in the back of my car; Line Friends you guys have the cutest stuff! Honestly I am obsessed! But now on a real note! Bring back the bubble tea key chain plushy! Not all of us were able to get one! Please haha anyways totally recommend!

    Lizeth Contreras

    IT'S SO CUTE, I can't believe how beautiful it is. RJ GREEN PLANET has been my best buy of the century. It is perfect in size, design, softness and its backpack is the most beautiful. I loved the product from the moment I saw it. It will be the perfect accessory for all my outings. I arrive very fast, well packed because everything was green, and he also has that chocolate in his hand that I think is the most tender. It is my favorite product and I bought several of them because I want to have it in my office, school, bedroom, in my bag and accompany me everywhere.

    Jennell R.
    Perfect little companion

    Perfect for any RJ and Jin fans! I was so excited when I saw these cute bag charms! I knew I had to get an RJ. He is my number 1 and he did not disappoint. He is the perfect accessory for all my summer activities and adventures! I love his lil light up campfire backpack. And he’s prepared for all the s’mores and snacks with his lil marshmallow on a stick. Plus he is super soft and squishy! He arrived in a cute little package and in great condition! Also the shipping time was super quick! This RJ bag charm is a must for collectors and Kpop fans alike!

    The fluffiest RJ

    For all, you RJ lovers out there, don't pass on the chance to get this particular one! He has the softest, fluffiest alpaca fur out of all the ones in my collection. His little campfire backpack lights up and he has a marshmallow on a stick ready for him to snack on.