BT21 SHOOKY BABY Boucle Face Cushion

Our favorite face cushion now comes in a boucle texture that'll have you feel like you're petting a lamb while you count sheep for the night. The fluffy sherpa fabric will instantly make any space feel more cozy at sight.

Product Description:
BT21 Baby SHOOKY boucle face cushion 


Product Size:
11.9" X 11.1" X 5.6" 


Customer Reviews

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Shooky Boucle Cushion <3

I first was intrigued to buy it when I saw a video on tiktok and right when I saw it was on sale, I snatched it right away!

I wouldn’t know how to describe it but if you look in the picture, you could imagine how it would feel like! It is like a soft curly texture and the eyes and the tooth is a different fabric! That fabric is super soft and adds a nice soft touch to it! And his little hair is 3D! It’s the most adorable touch! It would go perfectly go with aesthetically pleasing rooms because too am going for that look! The perfect home decor plush! It comes with 3 tags, usually plushes have 2 so this was interesting to see 3.
Watch me unbox it in my YouTube Channel! My SNS is Cloudymots! <3

My Heart

I couldnt wait to add this to my Shooky collection. Its absolutely adorable! The boucle texture is so soft. It reminds me fleece only much softer. Its so comfortable laying my head on it when I'm laying down reading. I imagine this is what sleeping on a puffy cloud would feel like. He is so cuddly and cute with his adorable smile and big eyes! He is also the perfect size for me to hold at night.

The measurements are pretty accurate to what is listed. He is more on the "flat" size compared to the rounder plushies but still adorable in every way. I wish I could get a huge giant Shooky one made out of the boucle material, that would be so heavenly!


Very good quality and so comfy!!! I love it <3