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    BT21 SHOOKY BABY Smart Tok

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    Meher Bano

    I got this as a present from a friend and I absolutely love it! A very cute cookie indeed:)

    3Stars out of 5? Not in my D-2 Household

    I’m here to put some ~respect~ on my angel Shooky.
    I did the same as with my RJ and KOYA Smarttok meaning I removed the accordion base entirely and used a maximum bond glue to attached a P*p S*cket base to make them interchangeable. Just like the other SMARTTOK’s I’ve bought, Shooky is a great size and very comfortable to hold. His little surprised face is so precious. As for the adhesive, I can’t speak on that but I do know the adhesive for each character I’ve bought is identical. So I think it’s just a matter of which batch you got; not the character per say. Either way. As an ARMY I can’t stand by Shooky having 3 stars when he’s a 5 star act. Lol

    Good quality, poor adhesive

    It’s a comfortable phone grip that’s definitely on the larger size. Shooky itself is silicon so watch out for dust and it’s thick so it’s not super flexible for the bits that stick out like his hands. The only major downside is that this doesn’t have a good adhesive as mine fell off after a day or too but I have replacement adhesives and they made it stay on way better. If you were to get this product definitely buy stronger adhesives as it’ll stay on the phone way longer.

    yuko Jolly
    Its not good.

    It can't attach on my phone. It came off soon.