BT21 MANG, CHIMMY & SHOOKY Retro Keyboard

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    Jessica Estrada
    A keyboard set everyone needs!

    I bought the mang, chimmy, & shooky keyboard set when it was on sale back in June. One of the best purchases I have made! It was super simple to install. The keyboard needed two triple A batteries, and the mouse needed one double A battery. It also contained the usb bluetooth chip to connect to your desktop. The keyboard itself is satisfying to use. It has an ever so slightly clicking sound, but not loud enough to disturb those around you. I installed it at my work desktop and everyone loved it! My coworkers and the doctors I work with all tried typing on it hahaha! Highly recommend for any BT21 lovers out there!

    Cutest keyboard!!!

    Cutest keyboard I got! I love that it was a set of keyboard, mouse, and pad. Very easy and comfortable to use. The actual keys bounce well when typing. Also, there is a red light that blinks when battery is low, which is very helpful.

    So nice!

    I love my keyboard and mouse! It’s so satisfying to use as I work. I love how the mouse shuts off after some time of it being still, very battery friendly.

    Cute Keyboard

    The Keyboard is cute definitely worth the money. It sound great and the Bluetooth worked very well. It comes with the chip already inside the mouse. Which was very helpful. You do have to apply battery's though. The design is sooo cute. And the keyboard/mouse pad that comes with is the best addition. But over all very good purchase.


    Sounds perfect and bluetooth works great! Sad it doesn’t come with batteries. Pro tip: just click the mouse to get it to move again if it’s stuck after being idle for a while.