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    BT21 TATA Wireless Desk Charging Phone Holder

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    Best charging stand ever

    I could not recommend a better charger than this one. It serves as a charger and a stand for people with QI charging batteries. It’s much different than my other TATA mobile stand, which I love! The great thing about this multi-use charging stand is the angle of the stand so the phone doesn’t move. With my other TATA stand I always find it difficult to keep my phone from moving, especially when it is plugged in and charging. Using this Wireless Charger has made my life so much easier! I can FaceTime, watch shows, and charge my phone with much more ease! The only downside is I have apple, so it charges slightly slower. But honestly I don’t care, I’d much rather have this product than struggle with other chargers!! It comes with its own charger, so you do not have to buy an accessory charging cord. Another good thing about this charger is the different LED indicator lights that tells you whether it’s charging, it needs to be connected to a power outlet, fully charged, or there is an undervoltage charge. There are so many wireless chargers I’ve gone through that only tell me whether the charger is plugged in, and not when it is done charging or in the process of charging. It also doesn’t make my phone super hot, which is something that really concerns me, given that I have a photocard on the back of my phone. Having a little TATA helps make the product cuter too! I would highly recommend buying this product. If you can’t get this one, buy another character’s!

    Alejandra Blandón
    Tata wireless

    In love with the product, fast shipping, excellent service 💜

    Soledad Holguin
    Loved it

    Everything arrived on time and safe.