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    BT21 Reusable Wide Size Tote Bag MLB

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    Jess C
    Had to have it!

    I purchased the cartoon tote and loved it so much, I had to get this one too. It folds down small and flat so I can carry them everywhere I go! Do yourself a favor and get this bag! It is perfect for all your carrying needs.

    Aisha O.
    My Little Buddy for the Grocery Store

    Another amazing purchase! It's so cute yet so functional. I've been using reusable shopping bags more since the pandemic started and now I'm so used to it. Recently, it's been harder for me to plan exactly why to go out for grocery shopping because I'm either too tired, already got home and too cozy to step out, don't have my shopping list ready, or it's very late and wouldn't be the most effective way to go about things. So I decided to start keeping reusable shopping bags in the bag I take to work. Those have felt a bit bulky at times and sometimes didn't have enough space for the things I needed. I was sooo excited when I saw the new arrivals this month and was able to get this tote! The material is so lightweight and it's so easy to carry around that I have forgotten I even had it with me at times until I needed it. The baby BT21 characters also make it extra cute to have and to hold my much needed groceries. Also, the material doesn't restrict the shape of things it can carry like some other reusable bags. I had to buy a pack of toilet paper last week and was able to slide it in sideways- easily! There is a small pocket inside where you can keep your keys, earbuds, wallet or other things you don't want with the other contents of the bag. This has certainly made things a lot easier for me so I highly recommend. Can't wait for what else LINE has in store for us this year!

    Love it!

    It’s so cute! Out of all the bags, this one is my favorite. The design is so pretty. I love it!