BT21 minini MY ROOMMATE Washi Tape Set

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    I love to collect cute washi tapes, so when I saw this set, I had to have it. Both rolls are so adorable and the adhesive on them is great!

    Katy Frank
    Very Cute

    I found both tapes to be very cute. They hold up surprisingly well too! the individual bt21 were a little hate to separate though.

    Wonderful washis!

    I love these washis! I can use these for my daily planner, journaling, decorating and more! They have a nice texture and the colors are beautiful, I think the price is good for a set also - as a stationary fanatic I’ve noticed that good quality washis tend to cost $5-7 each, so for a very cute two pack I find this price reasonable. The rolls are pretty thick too! I keep them in my super cute stationary box and I love to look at them. I love how the BT21 individual characters stickers are single sticker pull offs, very cute and useful! I definitely recommend!

    Super cute!

    I love this washsi tape set it’s really cute the first roll is like the regular washsi tape that you can find but the second role is actually individual stickers of the characters. Though I do like the concept of using them individually what I don’t like is that it is kind of all Stuck on each other so you have to carefully peel them one by one and can be a little tricky. For example when I tried to pull off Koya,Tata wanted to tag along too so I had to carefully pull off Koya off without accidentally ripping Koya in half if that makes sense ? But long as long as you’re careful I don’t really see an issue with it I really love this tape set💜