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    BT21 CHIMMY Masquerade Tatton

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    so cuddly!!

    This little guy is PERFECT! He's so soft, first of all. His little pj outfit is a velvety texture and his actual body has a little bit of shag, both of which feel great to touch. He's also very squishy and squashy to hold which makes him super cuddleable. He's such a big size -- if he had a firm body he'd be a little difficult to snuggle with, but he's perfect. The inside of his mang jammies is finished with a different fabric than than outside which isn't as nice to the touch, and the seam connecting the hood to the body of the jammies is a bit messy, but as that's literally on the inside of his clothes that's not a point against, just worth noting. All in all I am delighted with him and am so glad I was able to bring him home. Love love love this guy!


    I kept checking if they were going to restock and they did I was so happy. Its so cute and adorable.

    Super cute and soft plush!

    I love these tatton plushies! These are so extremely cute and I definitely would have gotten the other characters if I could! I'm really happy mine arrived with no damage. I really like how you can remove the outfits they're wearing! I hope there will be future releases for different outfits for this plushies in particular! It would be cool to see these plushies in different outfits! These plushies are also very soft! They're about the size of the 42cm head cushions and the previous large tatton plush that was released! I definitely recommend buying one if you love plushies!


    I tried limiting my purchases after purchasing all 8 BT21 face cushion when BT21 characters were first introduced, but the moment I saw the masquerade tatton released online I KNEW I HAD TO GET THEM! I hesitated when they first drop then woke up at 3 AM one night because I couldn't stop thinking about it to make the purchase when they were suddenly restocked. I have NO REGRETS with this purchase, except that I should've bought more (and I plan to!). Just look at the photo attached! I bought Chimmy tatton in the Mang masquerade and Tata tatton in the RJ masquerade. It was so hard to just choose 2, but after receiving both tatton I realized I need them all! Size wise, they're about the same height as the 42cm BT21 Face Cushions. The BT21 Masquerade Tatton is a MUST HAVE! They're so cute!!! Great quality and the masquerade outfits fit on the other BT21 characters too! These are my new favorite cuddlings - GUARANTEED to make the perfect gifts too! A gift to myself every time~

    the cutest

    I am in love with my chimmy tatton!! My favorite character is cooky but chimmy's was so cute with mang's outfit I couldn't resist getting him instead. Its so soft and the quality of the outfit and doll are much nicer than I thought they would be!! I also really like how the outfit of the characters can be switched around with other BT21 characters. The package the tatton came in was a little ripped up, so I hope they change to using a box for these. I hope they come out with a smaller version of these tatton's so I can buy all seven characters!