BT21 minini Handheld Vacuum

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    Diane Heaberlin
    Why didn’t I get this sooner??

    Wow!! If anyone thinks just by looking at this vacuum it’s not worth it (like I did lol) they’re wrong. Omg, when I first turned it on low I was sitting at my craft room desk. I wanted to see how well it worked and had some paper pieces I tore up to test it. It exceeded my expectations! THEN, I clicked the button to high and I thought everything on my desk was going to get sucked up. lol It tried to vacuum my mini scissors, x-acto blade, scoring tool along with my paper. I’m not exaggerating. I swear. I love this vacuum! *There is one thing I wish was added. I know you can clean the filter when it gets dirty but over time all filters eventually need replacing. With a vacuum made of this quality I was a little disappointed that an extra filter wasn’t available as I intend to keep this for a long time.

    Perfect for crafters

    I love doing different arts and crafts in my room but having to constantly bring our vacuum cleaner upstairs when I’m working on something and then putting it back was getting annoying. I always have a bunch of tiny trash like eraser shavings, pieces of thread, vinyl, fabric, ribbon, paper etc when I’m working on something. This was the perfect size to keep in my desk craft room and is super cute to boot. 🥰 It’s not meant to be like Dyson strength or anything but for my purpose of keeping my workspace clear AS I’m working, it’s perfect. I always have it out when I’m sewing or cutting or weeding etc.

    LeAnna Jackson
    So many uses for cuteness!

    Perfect suction for car and quick kitchen clean up! Works great for kitchen drawers and for my coffee/tea bar. This vacuum may stay in my kitchen more than I have it anywhere else!

    Bethany Janssen
    Great for Dorms

    I’m a college student and with limited space, and I was looking for a mini vacuum for my space. This vacuum is AMAZING to use! I use it, my friends borrow it. The battery lasts forever. The only reason it gets 4/5 is because it is really hard to turn off. Other than that, it is a GREAT product!

    Alexander Herrmann
    So cute and functional!

    Grabbed this on sale and it's amazing. It's tiny but it really works and the filter is ingenious. Very happy to have bought it and will use it a LOT.