BT21 SHOOKY Triangle Chip Cushion

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    Jewels Simmons
    Perfect !

    i love my lil guy!! when he came in the mail, the box was small and light but when i opened it, i saw him. he was vacuum sealed! he was literally flat as a pancake and it was so funny:p when i opened his bag, he puffed up right away. he’s the perfect size and shape to hold and hug, and he’s extremely soft. i put him in my desk chair when i’m not studying so he has a nice spot to sit. i also really really love that it says his name on the back!!!

    I call this my Triangular kimbap Shooky!

    Absolutely perfect pillow, I love my Shooky, he is a great addition. Really excellent quality (wouldn’t expect anything less). I actually ordered a Chimmy too they are just that good.

    Perfect size for hugging!

    This is my first bt21 purchase and it did not disappoint. Shooky is so cute in chip form. The cushion is so soft and squishy. This was a surprise for Christmas, so now I want to get them all. I only wish shipping could somehow be cheaper.

    Roselyn Bernardo
    Huge and huggable

    Another Shooky added to my collections. Super soft and I love the “SHOOKY” Name at the back love that details. It always a happiness for me to have bigger cushion Hoping more bigger one in the future. Love the products. : D