BT21 Waffle Maker

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    Amazing waffle maker ever!!!

    I am so in love with this bt21 waffle maker. It is so so cute. I love the bt21 characters that’s on the waffle maker. I love that it is pink, the pink color is not too bright or dark, it is perfect. Very good material, I am very happy that I bought this waffle maker. It’s a must have for army 😁

    C Y

    THIS MAKES SUCH ADORABLE WAFFLES! I use it every time I make waffles and they turn out so good. The best part is, is that I don't have to grease the pans. The included waffle recipe is way too sweet for my liking and if you want the waffles to be darker then you'd have to let it cook for a little longer than the given time. Also, it is a bit hard to clean, but other than that, I say this is one of my favorite kitchen appliances.


    honestly i recommend it its cute on the outside, the waffles are cute once made and it works perfectly fine!! and on top of all that this was a gift for my friend and absolutely loved it since she had wanted it for so long!

    Brekkie Time 21
    Make your waffles smooth like butter

    This is not a Belgian waffle maker so don’t expect tall and crispy on waffles. Still this device is great for standard-issue waffles and even with chocolate chips or other secret ingredients they come out clean with no stick and easy cleaning. A few tips: 1) Make sure you add enough batter, if you don’t one side will be like a pancake 2) use the BT21 rubber spatula for the batter and brush set to
    BUTTER the waffle maker 3) serve on your BT21 plates with coffee in your BT21 mug for the right vibe 4) Works great for French toast & grilled cheese too. Enjoy!


    I wanna love this so hard but I can’t. Full disclosure I did not use the recipe in with the instructions. I used Bisquick.

    If you’re buying it for the novelty of it, it’s amazing. If you’re buying it because you want to actually eat waffles, it’s not great. The waffles turn out more like pancakes. Big thick doughy pancakes. I’m going to have to play around with different recipes to see if I can’t get them to turn out better. Also, there is no heat adjustment, even though the third thing the instructions tell you to do is adjust the heat. Weird.