BT21 RJ The Green Planet Bag Charm

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    Perfect travel buddy

    Since I only recently decided upon my BT21 bias, I have a lot to catch up on. So, I was thrilled to find this plushie on Line Friends. RJ is super soft, and the big head makes him especially adorable, like a baby. Added bonuses are that he can sit (with a little help) and the fire that lights up. He is prepared! I wish I could change the light battery without tearing apart the backpack, but this is a minor point. Finally, I love s'mores and as another reviewer mentioned, the marshmallow on a stick looks like an ARMY bomb - even better! I can't wait to travel with him.

    RJ the cutest lil camper!

    My husband got me one when we were in NY, then the next day RJ fell off somewhere, and I was devastated😩 But my husband immediately ordered a new one for me, along with other goodies. It is so cute & soft. Material is excellent, and the fire backpack lighting up is such a wonderful added bonus!💜

    Jess C
    Super adorable!

    I love camping and I love RJ! So of course I had to get this RJ keychain, with his cute little camp fire backpack.

    Karen Chen
    Cute but a little disappointed

    Everything is good. This RJ doll is very cute and special, but the backpack can’t light up….
    No matter how I pressed the bottom, it’s still didn't work out. I think I got the defective one.

    Cute and Unique!

    Such a cute little keychain! I keep it on my daily bag to add something cute and different! The campfire backpack that RJ wears can be removed so that he can enjoy his own little campfire! The clip is also big enough to fit around bags with thick straps like totes!