BT21 TAMAGOTCHI Baby Style

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    Katy Frank
    Very Cute

    Very cute! i have both and I think i like the yellow a bit better. its super fun and whenever it beeps it reminds me to drink water. This is also one of the versions that if you raise them well they will go on to debut and that's so cute!!

    Best thing ever

    I got this about a month ago and it is just the best. You may think the price is high but for what it is I would buy it again. It is so fun and adorable. You get to care for your own bt21 and also Van. You can change the time whenever and play games. I put a size comparison of my tamagotchi to my bt21 lip balm. I am currently have my 2nd bt21 my MANG became a celebrity and went the stage so now I have RJ. I put a pic of RJ and the time page.

    P.S. Thank you for creating this!! And Bandai has instructions in English.

    Baby Style FTW

    I ordered both the Space Color ver. & the Baby Style ver. since I couldn’t decide which one was cuter. This one turned out to be my favorite because it looks much more eggshell-like due to the yellow color. I’ve had mine activated for about 24 hours and still waiting for Van to choose my baby. The suspense is killing me! 😂

    P.S. I was grateful to find Bandai has the instructions in English online.

    Kiana Hawthorne
    I love it!!

    It brings me back to when I was younger and had a Tamagotchi although it’s one is slightly smaller, I love it it’s super cute!!

    So cute!

    Just like the tamagotchi i had when i was in middle school but BT21 version! Its really small but its so cute and fun to play with.