Unistars behold!
    Experience the fateful first meeting in
    the 8-bit world with BT21 led by VAN.💛💙


    The Tamagotchi comes in 2 different designs:

    Yellow: Baby Style
    Blue: Space Style

    Your awesome Tamagotchi
    journey begins with VAN.
    Depending on how you spend time with VAN,
    the space robot will determine
    which VAN may choose to give you
    the Baby version of KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY,
    TATA, or COOKY! Who will be my friend?

    *Both Tamagotchi have same system.

    Take care of your BT21 Baby every day
    to keep them happy and help them grow.

    Key Tip:
    Feed your BT21 character
    milk or burgers when they are hungry,
    or when grumpy, feed them candy or donuts.

    Help your BT21 character play 4 mini-games:
    dancing, making sweets,
    space traveling,and picture taking.
    If you neglect your BT21,
    they will become sad,
    but if you take good care of them,
    they may be able to stand on the stage!

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