BT21 MANG Otaku Lamps LED Light

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    I bought the Mang lamp and he is just so cute!! There is a variety of differing color settings that are very nice. There's a flash, strobe, fade, and smooth setting, rotating through all the colors. One of my favorite features is def the adjustable brightness setting. there are 2 buttons to either increase or decrease how bright the colors are. it's perfect for a night light if you wanted to use it as such. I wish the brightness setting would turn down a bit, but other than that it's perfect. The shipping was quick and arrived in perfect condition :))))

    Abrahanna H
    Mang Mang! Love It!

    I love this Mang LED light! Bright and Fun. Just what I wanted for my room. It's great that I don't have to use batteries, and I could just keep it on via plugged in, so I have it on all day and night. So cute and neat. The remote control and color variations are everything I could've asked for for this lamp. LED Mang is the perfect addition to my space. Also, it was Fast Shipping and Easy Installation. I might even get another character. Perfect!

    Jennifer Suttle

    Love my MANG LED light. I'm going to have to get additional characters now!

    VELMA jimmie
    My lit Mang

    I am happy with my purchase. Awesome light! Love the different colors. Now I am perplexed....??????
    Should I get the other 6 lil lights??

    Cassandra Wilson
    I love these lamps!

    I got these lamps from the bundle boxes and I’m so happy with how they look! They are so bright and easily used, I only need Van now but I’m so inlove with the lamps.😍😍