BT21 KOYA Otaku Lamps LED Light

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    Light it up like Koya 💙✨️

    I love this led lamp so much its so cute on my desk during the day when I'm studying and brightens up my room at night. I have both this one and the baby Koya one and I like to have them both on and it's so pretty. It comes with a USB to turn it on as well as an battery option (3xAA). The lamp also has an on off switch that also let's you change the colors with just a tap but it also comes with a remote to turn it on and off and control wich color to use.

    Monique Menefee
    Cute Koya

    I absolutely love this led lamp. I’m a huge BTS/BT21 fan and of course my bias is Namjoon. This Koya light is a great addition to my collection.

    peyton dupont
    love it!!

    definitely buy one

    Hana Visesio
    so cute!

    I'm really happy to finally have one! I've been wanting one for a while I just couldn't which character to get! Koya is super cute! It is smaller than I thought it was going to be but still worth it :)

    Ashley Miranda
    Obsessed with my Koya lamp LED light

    I’m actually obsessed with my Koya lamp !! I love the size and all the colors it comes with. There’s a perfect blue tone for his signature color & it’s amazing!! Love how you can lower the brightness too! Overall love it 10/10