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    BT21 CHIMMY GLEN CHECK Drawstring Pochette

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    Edith Figueroa
    So cute very spacious

    It fits my giant Samsung S21 a wallet and several other things. It also looks so darn cute on and I love the adjustable straps. I like that I can add additional charms. If I wanted to I could change the straps too. Only thing I kinda wish it had was a little inside pocket but everything is so easy to find.

    My favorite mini-bag <3

    this pouch is perfect! i only carry mini bags (i just don't like big, bulky bags) and i love everything about this one.

    - i love the more mature design -- i still get to have chimmy on my bag but he's subtle and isn't the first thing you would notice (one of the most important features for me in fan merch -- fan merch that no one would realize is fan merch). pouch fits in very nicely in more grown-up type settings.
    - the plaid print goes with all of my outfits so i can easily pair this pouch with anything.
    - it's bigger than you think. i can easily fit everything that i usually carry with no need to pare down -- my everything pouch (mirror, hand cream, extra hair clips and brush, hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc.), my mask sanitizing pouch, my wallet, my phone, my keys. it can even hold my hand warmer for cold days. that's quite a list but the point is that it all fits in this mini bag without being so full that it's hard to get anything out.
    - the strap is a true crossbody length. fully extended the bag hits below my hips. granted, i'm only 5'2" but a lot of "crossbody" bags have straps that are so short that they fall at my waist -- i don't care for that so i appreciate that this strap is the appropriate length.
    - i also like the drawstring closure. it closes up the bag to keep my items secure but is also easily accessible for when i need to quickly grab something inside.

    this bag is perfect and i am so happy to finally have one of my own. chimmy is adorable as he always is and i can use this pouch for so many occasions -- even if all i'm doing is going to a cafe for a latte :)