BT21 MANG Sweet 2 Pocket PP Folder

Material: PP

Product Weight (lb): 0.1

Package Weight (lb): 0.1

Product or Package Size (inch): 12.3 X 8.7

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
i am in love w/ this mang folder

I work from home so I had to provide my office supplies (I forgot to bring some with me before I left our office!). As a huge fan of bt21, when I found out that this item was on sale I just HAD to buy it. It’s adorable and it has 2 pockets so you could sort your papers/documents in there. It’s not one of these flimsy folders, it actually holds the documents you put in it AND it’ sturdy/durable. I wanted to buy more for work and other personal documents but found out it’s currently sold out so I’m leaving a review instead. Can’t wait for restock!


This folder is perfect for all my loose-leaf handouts! Also, shipping was faster than I expected.


I bought the Shooky and Tata plush keychains and a bunch of sticky notes during the spring sale. The shipping was fast like less than 2 weeks. Also, they cost like, only half of the original price. I was surprised by the quality of the plush toys and PF folders. They are so CUTE and FLUFFY!!! They look exactly the same as the product image. Actually, they are better than my expectations!!! The color, size, patterns, and touching are super nice and comfortable!! The folders are smooth outside and high quality inside!! It is super useful and I am ready for the new semester!!