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    BT21 RJ Face Plush Keychain

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    Cute RJ Keychain!

    RJ is my favorite character and I just had to buy this keychain! It is very soft and good quality. I like to attach it to my bags to give my look a nice RJ touch! I am happy with this purchase :)

    Anjali Khalasi

    Yes! He’s authentic and perfect ! I was a bit worried he would be fake since sites these days sell fake ones too! But I’m so glad he’s real! With most BT21 merch sold out these days, it’s a relief to be able to some on this site! He is so fluffy and cute ! The cushion is made with the best quality material and is well worth your money! He’s pristine white and the stitch quality is amazing too!! I have an RJ standing doll as well so the small keychain complements my collection well! Super happy with my purchase ! Buy it before it goes out of stock ! You won’t regret it ! He goes great with the rest of my hyung line collection too :) wish I could buy all of them they’re all so darn cute !!

    Jessica Sanchez
    Love love love!

    This is the cutest key chain I've ever bought. I thought I would like the full body characters more but this one is a perfect soft little cloud! Its worth adding to your cart at checkout if you need a little more for free shipping. It took longer than usual to arrive, but I expected it since I bought it over the holidays. The box it came in was in perfect condition so I was grateful that it was carefully delivered. Rj really stands out on my purse and I've gotten so many compliments on it. Its been on my purse for a while now and it seems very sturdy. I was worried that the string attached to the key ring would break but it hasn't. Its nice to bring Rj wherever I go and its really nice that he hasn't gotten dirty despite being all white.


    What a perfectly cute key chain! It’s so plushy and soft and seems to be great quality. I bought it for my daughter’s birthday, she loves Rj and I can’t wait to gift it to her.

    Patrina W
    RJ- Your Very Own Personal Cloud

    First off, I want to say I knew beforehand I wasn’t going to be disappointed with this purchase of the RJ Face Plush Keychain! I already have both Chimmy and Shooky so I looked forward to receiving RJ! He arrived within a week and I’m quite relieved that the box was in perfect condition without any dents or scratches that can sometimes happen in the shipping process. I like to keep the Keychains in their box to display them on my shelf, so the outer box condition is pretty important. RJ is so adorable that I of course had to open the box to get a closer look at him. The Plush Keychain is a good size (a bit bigger than the palm of your hand) so it would definitely be a good statement piece if you decide to put it on some kind of bag and take it around with you. I absolutely love the material it’s made out of! It’s squishy, soft, and you can easily tell that it’s of good quality too. The overall feel of the RJ Keychain reminds me of a cloud or marshmallow that I just want to squeeze and never let go! The face is sewed on and there’s a silver clip on top to be able to attach it to things. I definitely want to be able to get all the other characters to be able to complete the BT21 Face Plush Keychain collection. I recommend getting one in your favorite BT21 character cause you definitely can’t go wrong with these!

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