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    BT21 VAN Standing Doll Med

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    Super cute

    Super cute but please restock the rest so I can complete the set. Thank you!

    Van standing plush

    Finally caught Van in-stock! So excited and he's so cute!

    Van the Beloved

    I’m glad that this Van standing doll came back in stock. I think the last time I saw it in stock was two years ago. Van is a character that hardly has any merchandise, despite having a great design.
    The box that Van came in is pretty nice. It’s a five-sided cardboard box with a transparent sleeve (the only writing on it being “VAN PLUSH DOLL”) and a protective film on that. The sleeve doesn’t slip off, as there are four tabs holding it to the box. The tabs are likely easy to peel off (some of mine are partially lifted already), if one wanted to take the plush out. Speaking of the plush, Van is mostly held in place by a plastic stand with holes for the legs. My Van actually managed to slip free from the stand, somehow — probably during shipping. When I saw these Van standing dolls in a store, some were also out of place, but most were where they were meant to be. So I suppose the holes aren’t as constricting as they look.
    Other than that, I didn’t notice any defects. Having the little space robot in my possession makes me giddy, and I imagine it’d make other Van-lovers feel the same.