BT21 KOYA SPACE WAPPEN Enamel Pin Set, 2 pcs

Anywhere you pin this badge will become your very own microcosmos. 

Product Description:
BT21 Wappen Series space KOYA enamel badge set, 2pcs. 

Alloy, Copper

Product Size:
1.2" X 1.6" X 0.5"

Customer Reviews

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My own little cosmos 💜

Koya is hugging a planet like the true Universtar that they are. A smaller planet orbits Koya's demonstration of love for the universe. Both pins are solid pieces. The pale blue of Koya's body and cute little purple nose, along with the variations of pink and purple in the planets, compliment my bag's coloring nicely. In addition, the paint catches the light in such a way that both Koya and the planets appear to be glowing. The back side of each pin has a clasp that is engineered to stay put and not get pulled off when I'm accessing the inside pockets of the bag. The size of the pins fits the scale of the bag to where they do not look overwhelming large nor are they so small they are hard to see. Overall, delighted with the added space!

Great gift!

I got this as a gift for my cousin who loves bt21 and she loved it! I would definitely buy this for myself.